Deir ez-Zor Mine Clearance 3-1

Rugged Countermine Solutions.

Garrett Metal Detectors has field-tested ground search detectors for your counter-mine, UXO, and IED needs. Let's talk.

Proven Worldwide.

Garrett's RECON-PRO detectors, the AML-1000 and the AML-750, serve military and humanitarian applications in both hemispheres across dozens of countries.


Made in the USA.

Founded in 1964, Garrett Metal Detectors still proudly manufactures all of its detectors in its hometown of Garland, Texas.

Real Users. Real Results.

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All Metals

The RECON-PRO AML (All Metals Locator) series detects and discriminates between ferrous and non-ferrous targets even in low-metal content targets.

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All Terrain

Advanced Pulse Induction technology allows operation in ALL soil conditions and shallow water with minimal adjustment and adaptable fine-tuning controls.

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All the Time

Compactible, durable, and waterproof. RECON-PRO detectors are built to meet military specifications for field use.